Insider: Polyester Zine

by Stine Fantoft Berg in March 2016

Celebrating all things trash, kitsch and camp, Polyester is a London-based zine exploring feminism and gender identity through fashion.

With the fourth issue just released (featuring Tavi Gevinson and Gogo Graham as cover stars), we caught up with editor-in-chief Ione Gamble to learn more about the process of putting it all together.


In the making of this issue we…

Listened to
Art Angels by Grimes – I pretty much listened to only that album for four months, much to the annoyance of our art director, who doesn’t understand how I can listen to the same song on repeat for days a time. Grimes is our dream cover girl.

We read a lot of other zines that inspired us to remain as a printed zine for this issue, as opposed to turning into a magazine. Publications such as Bitchcraft by Lu Williams, Skinny Girl Diet’s zine Babes With The Power and back issues of Cheap Date reminded us how powerful self-publishing can be.

@skinnygirldietband are gonna take over the world TBH luv u @delilahholliday @ursulaholliday @ameliasayaka

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A lot of early naughties teen movies. The costume design/looks in the Sleepover def had a massive influence on this issue.

Worked from
My one-bed flat high up in the rafters of Peckham. And Lerryn’s cafe.


Our ability to remain social human beings until the issue four launch party.


How to fake a two-tone gradient in InDesign.

Lost sleep over
The fact that our printer tripled their prices in the week we went to print, meaning we had to spend a frantic day calling every print company in the UK to find a quote we could afford.


Were excited about
Having Tavi Gevinson and Gogo Graham as our cover girls! They are both absolute inspirations and truly reflect the spirit of Polyester as a publication. You can grab a copy here!

Spent a dreamy evening in the working men’s club with @eleanorhardwick and @tavitulle shooting for the next issue of Polyester ❣

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Couldn’t stop laughing at
This video of a cat eating a frube type thing.

냠냠냠냠냐냐냐냔 <3냠냠냠냠냐냐냐냔 <3

Posted by 심쿵했냥 on Wednesday, 10 February 2016

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