Stack at the V&A Friday Late

by Grace Wang in August 2017

Last Friday, we were thrilled to be invited to the Victoria and Albert museum for their latest Friday Late event. To go with the theme of ‘Don’t Forget Your Passport’, we pulled together magazines that have been sent out on Stack for museum-goers to take home a perfect beach read.

But we didn’t just give out magazines at random — there was a flow chart so people can work out what type of magazine reader they are, as well as a custom-made wheel of fortune for curious readers to spin and land on a magazine to take home, simulating the Stack experience of curation and surprise. Our subscriptions manager Vicky and I were a bit underprepared for the continuous queue we saw, but despite the sweating and high-speed talking, we were really pleased to meet so many curious individuals and introduce them to what we do.


Big thanks to the lovely people at the V&A for having us, and if you want to sign up to Stack, use the code BETTERLATE to get 10% off your order.

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