Stack at home: Perdiz, January 2018

by Grace Wang in February 2018

Last month’s Stack delivery was Perdiz, a beautiful publication from Barcelona about happiness. It is packed with stories on the strange and mundane things that make people feel fulfilled in their lives — deep fryers, bad art, weird career pursuits — and it seems to have hit a nerve with our subscribers.

You can see all of their responses on a Pinterest board, or scroll down to see some of our favourites. The best comment wins a Stack t-shirt too…

6. Back to work
Abbie’s January grind is made less grind-y with her Stack delivery…

Back to the grind ✏️ @stackmagazines making me remember the things that make me happy with @perdizmagazine ❤️ . #stackmagazines #perdizmagazine #work #unilife #studentlife #books #design #graphicdesign #magazine

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5. Dead bodies
This was one of our favourite stories in Perdiz too! The journey of a man whose dream was to become the best dead actor on the big screen.

This just brightened up my Monday – it’s a piece about a guy who decided he wanted to play dead bodies in TV shows. ‘I already look like I’m dead. I’ve got bags under my eyes, I’m pale, I’m bald … I’m actually in pretty good health but you wouldn’t know it just to look at me. I don’t need much make-up’ From @perdizmagazine that I got from @stackmagazines this month 📚

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4. Screen break
Have you taken a screen break today? Did you know a Stack subscription keeps you feeling inspired even when you’re offline?

@stackmagazines & @perdizmagazine providing the perfect still-working-work-break #inspiration #print #design #graphicdesigner #annaBeeke #CarlBigmore #artists #photography

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3. Favourite thing
So chuffed that we could be Honey’s warm welcome home.

@stackmagazines you’re always my favourite thing to come home to 📚🌸

A post shared by Honey Debney-Succoia 🏳️‍🌈 (@honeydebney) on

2. “Stupid and happy”
Jenna shouts out one of the best quotes in the magazine.

‘Reassuring us that we’re all as stupid as each other- that we’re all part of the same group of stupid humans. Stupid and happy. And proud of it.’ @perdizmagazine A magazine about things that make people happy.

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1. Happiness on the ledge
And the winner this month is Emily, for her rotating, copper magazine throne!

Happiness on the edge/happiness on the ledge 😉 2018 is going to be all the happier as my @stackmagazines arrive month by month and take their place (once thumbed) on this shelf. 🎉

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