12 days of Stack: 2017’s Stack magazines

by Grace Wang in December 2017

It’s been a great year for independent publishing, and we’ve really enjoyed sending out some of the most exciting titles out to Stack subscribers. We want to give a 12-month subscription to a magazine enthusiast, so have a look at the list of Stack-delivered titles from 2017 and tag a friend on Facebook who you think deserves this free subscription (or tell us why it should be you.)

We gave a year-long subscription out to @fsa___on Friday, and there are four more to give out, so make sure to keep posted on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to be the first to hear.

January, The Exposed

A print magazine that blends the offline with online, The Exposed enhances the reading experience with augmented reality, podcasts and videos that will guide you through the content.

February, Yuca

Published in Colombia, Yuca focuses on two intersecting themes for each issue. This one examines migration and architecture.

March, Weapons of Reason

Tackling the biggest global issues in a digestible format, Weapons of Reason looks at Power for their Stack-delivered issue.

April, Real Review

REAL REVIEW 🙌🏻❤️ #realreview #magazine #stackmagazine #vsco #vscocam

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Real Review examines ‘what it means to live today’, dissecting the fabric with which our lives are built. We love it for its unique fold down the middle.

May 2017, Anxy

Anxy was newly launched San Francisco-based magazine about mental health and our inner worlds. This subscriber got excited about the cover!

June, Migrant Journal

A six-issue look at the movement of people, Migrant Journal is a thoughtfully designed title with metallic ink and lovely fonts.

July, Accent

Loving this months publication from @stackmagazines ⭐️ @accent_magazine (don't judge me for the first pic I'm trying to win a free t-shirt)

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Accent celebrates the eccentric individuals around us with punchy graphic design and really great photography.

August, Racquet

Racquet looks at tennis through an artful, philosophical lens, treating the sport with thoughtfulness and creativity.

September, The Move

Th move is a music magazine looking at culture through the prism of clubbing.

October, Double Dagger

This months @stackmagazines is a real doozie — Issue 2 of Double Dagger by @doubledaggerz @patrandle @theprintproject 👌🏼👌🏼

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With popping graphics and inky colours, Double Dagger is designed and created entirely by hand using letterpress printing.

November, Zoetrop: All-story

Zoetrope is a literary magazine founded by Francis Ford Coppola, which champions short fiction, the creative form most aligned with screenplays.

December 2017
We can’t say this one just yet, because we like to keep the deliveries a surprise each month, and some magazines are still on their way to subscribers around the world…

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