Your guide to… Shukyu #4, by editor Takashi Ogami

by Grace Wang in July 2017

Most indie print enthusiasts will be familiar with Shukyu magazine’s playful multi-image covers — reinventing the cover line, the football magazine shows off each issue’s highlights in neat, numbered boxes. Though it’s printed entirely in Japanese, for the past couple of issues they have started including English translation supplements, so non-Japanese readers can go along for the ride.

Still, the sea of Japanese characters can feel daunting, so we asked editor Takashi Ogami to tell us, in his own words, his highlights from their ‘Youth’ issue…

How to make a soccer bento
We visited the studio of Chiori Yamamoto and they asked me to make an original soccer box lunch. The layout is made in the formation of football. Soccer ball rice balls are popular among Japanese children!

本日発売ShukyuMagazine @shukyumagazine はユース特集。サッカー部弁当作ってます。誌面のデザインは自著やchioben のいろいろをデザインしてくれている橋詰宗 @so_hashizume くん。インタビューでは僭越ながらサッカーについても話しています。いつもの弁当サッカーフォーメーションなど。今日から代官山蔦屋でフェアやってますのでぜひ!

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Chinatown Soccer Club in NY
For 20 years, in Chinatown, NY, “Chinatown Soccer Club” saw various creators who came and played, including Mark Gonzales. Hugo Beniada, a photographer who just moved from Paris to NY, photographed the club, which recorded the change of the city from winter to spring.


Memories of football boots
“When I was in primary school I had always admired football boots with a fold over tongue. Boots that would only suit those who were good at playing.” — Kenta Enomoto, Popeye Magazine editor, on his PUMA ‘King’.

I asked people of various generations, countries and occupations about memories from football boots they wore when they were young; memories of those days that weren’t able to fade even though they have become adults.


Jujo Football Club
Tokyo-based photographer Kisshomaru Shimamura takes portraits of the players of Jujo FC, a youth football club which he played in when he was young. The uniforms they wore for the shoot are vintage, made at a time when the young players were just born.


Stadium spirits
This series is by Hiroshi Eguchi, who is the founder of The Tokyo Art Book Fair, and now he is making a distillery in Japan. Every time we go to the football club stadium, we make sake using plants that inhabit in it. This time, we visited the stadium of Kashiwa Reysol in Chiba Prefecture.

Cracks of our generation
CITY BOYS FC painted illustrations with a motif of the crazy heroes from our generation. In commemoration of the issue’s release, I made t-shirts embroidered with these illustrations. The four shirts feature embroidery of Il Fenomeno (Ronaldo, of course), Edgar Davids ‘The Pitbull’, Ronaldinho and Raul Gonzalez.

SHUKYU × CITY BOYS FC TEE 【Stockists】 SHUKYU Online Shop (link in bio) CITY BOYS FC @cityboysfc 代官山蔦屋書店 @daikanyama.tsutaya SPBS (東京) @subs_tokyo 誠光社(京都) @seikoshabooks Canvas&Co.(大阪) @canvas_and_co_ CIY(盛岡) @c__i__y READAN DEAT (広島) @readan_deat Book Marute(高松) @bookmarute my chair books(熊本) @mychairbooks #shukyu #shukyumagazine #cityboysfc

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