Six stunning photographs from sports magazine Athleta

by Grace Wang in April 2017

I was immediately captivated by the cover image of Athleta magazine when it arrived at our desks. The lovingly photographed prosthetic legs of Olympian fencer Bebe Vio stood like they belonged to someone proud and determined. After contracting a serious form of meningitis at age 11, the athlete survived losing all four limbs, but subsequently started, with her family, a non-profit that provides economic and psychological support to children with limb protheses.

Intimacies like this are the focus of the new sports magazine. The 140-page volume only has six stories, giving time for the photographs to paint every minute detail. It is founded by photographer Giovanni Gallio, and published by his Verona-based studio Rise Up. We contacted Giovanni to find out more about six of his favourite images from the issue.


Bebe Vio, by Giovanni Gallio and Sara Capovilla
Giovanni: We only spent a few days with Bebe Vio, but we remained truly captivated. She is a shocking person. She can achieve any goal in life because her strength and her charm are simply incredible.



Basketball hoops, by Kevin Couliau
The work of Kevin Couliau during the last 15 years is, as he defines it, an infinite photographic pilgrimage in honour of basketball. His love of basketball and the sanctity in which he addresses this subject are revealed in every shot.



Eroica Britannia, by Nick Clements
The elegance and the attention to detail in Nick Clement’s photos makes him one of the best revivalist photographers. The images he took during one of the first editions of Eroica in 2000 looks like original images of a cycling race from the 60s!



The Phantoms Football Team, by Jeremy Jackson
I believe that this image reflects the essence of the reportage of Jeremy Jackson on the Phantom Football team — brotherhood, sacrifice and passion, shown with a strong but refined style of photography.



Alessandro Pittin, by Sara Capovilla
Sara Capovilla worked with me on this project from day one. Her intimate portrait of skier Alessandro Pittin, which speaks of his everyday life, from extraordinary athletic ability to absolute ordinariness, represents Athleta’s manifesto.



Lethwei martial art fighters, by Giovanni Gallio
When I was preparing to go to Burma it was hard for me to watch the Lethwei fights on Youtube. They seemed too raw. But when I found myself ringside everything changed, because the athletes that practice this sport are not normal people. They are made of steel.


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