Real Review issue 8 identity, autonomy, houseplants

White Fungus issue 16 protest, art, Carolee Schneemann

Cherryboy issue 4 art, (ab)normality, Faye Wei Wei

Critical Mass issue 18/01 cities, design, trends

Critical Mass issue 17/01 design, trends, Yayoi Kusama

Harvard Design Magazine issue 46 work, design, ethics

Matto issue 1 photography, art, fetish

Grøss issue 3 stickers, art, youth culture

Puss Puss issue 8 cats, fashion, Agnes Varda

Gym Class magazine volume 2 issue 1 print, magazines, paper

American Chordata issue 8 photography, literature, art

Eye on Design issue 3 design, communication, Allyn Hughes

Zoetrope volume 22 issue 4 art, films, David Lynch

Wrap issue 12 print, illustration, the nude

Suspira issue 2 horror, feminism, fetish

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