Tone magazine wants to platform Japanese creatives

by Grace Wang in July 2017
Art & designPhotography

As her time at Central Saint Martins drew to an end, Kaori Oyama settled upon the perfect graduation project. Being from Japan, she was conscious of the disaccord in fashion between the Western obsession with her home country, and a lack of representation of works from Japanese artists. So she made Tone to fill this need — showcasing photography from Japanese creatives and its diaspora, it tells stories, with the help of candid interviews, of each individual’s path to ‘burst the bubble’.

Read on for Kaori’s take on six photographers from the magazine.


Saiko Otake

There is something very intriguing about Saiko’s photography. This image is shot in London and Uwajima, where she’s from in Japan. She has been travelling around the world to make her photo series, and so far she has done a book on Japan, Europe and America, Switzerland, and Singapore. She says she isn’t interested in photographing what people would normally photograph. We love her interesting perspective on the closeup shots of places she visits.


Yoko Kusano

One of the most notable emerging photographers based in Tokyo, Yoko captures her everyday life with her camera. After moving down to Tokyo from Fukushima, she recalled time passing by so fast that she wasn’t able to remember every second of it, thus she started documenting her life and surroundings. This series of works is from when she visited London for the first time.


Bianca Raggi/Alessandro Tranchini

These images of school girls and boys standing in a line is one of our favourites. This series was shot by both photographers when they were visiting Japan, and we love how the photographs are serene yet capture interesting moments from their visit.


Alex Bucko

As the title ‘Photos From My Phone’ suggests, these are pictures shot by Alex on his phone. He constantly looks for interesting moments on the street, and captures abrupt moments through illuminated slivers in his dim pictures. He is a very talented womenswear fashion designer as well.


Shotaro Kobayashi

This is our favourite picture of the band, The fin., shot by Shotaro in their house/studio. The moments Shotaro capture show the relationship between people beautifully. He frequently shoots his close friends in his normal practice.


Mathilde Agius

Mathilde shot Tone’s cover and the main fashion editorial. Both of the cover images are actually shot in front of massive billboards — I think it’s quite hard to know that they are shot in London, as it shows the hyperrealistic side of the city. She has a unique point of view and is great fun to work with.


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