Podcast: Max and Patricia, Pylot magazine

by Steve Watson in April 2017

According to Max Barnett, editor of Pylot magazine, the beauty of analogue photography is that it slows you down. Instead of shooting hundreds of images and editing them down later, the process of working with film means that a photographer needs to be more selective in the images they create, thinking more carefully about the composition and conditions in an effort to get the right result first time.

Concerned that analogue was becoming overshadowed by digital, he started Pylot magazine while at university to commission and showcase the sort of photography he loves. Over the years the team working on the magazine has grown, and so too has the ambition of its output, and this latest issue comes with two alternate covers – one to represent fine art photography and the other to represent fashion, the two sides of the magazine’s content.

I was fascinated by Pylot when I first saw the launch issue back in 2014, and I’ve loved watching it develop over the years. So I was very excited to have Max come over to the office last week with fashion director Patricia Villirillo, for a quick chat about the evolution of the magazine. As has become customary with these podcast episodes, they were disarmingly honest about the mistakes they’ve made and the troubles they’ve had, but also deservedly proud of this latest issue.

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