Meet the animals of Agapornis magazine #4

by Grace Wang in March 2017

We’ve covered plenty of pet magazines, such as Pet People and Four & Sons, but each one is unique in its own way and we love Agapornis because it’s a polished, beautifully-designed title that really takes pride in its production. The cover has a weave-like vinyl feel; the uncoated pages add a nice grainy aesthetic to the imagery; and they have glossy pages too, which make more than just puppy dog eyes pop.

We asked editor Toni Chaquet to talk us through the furry champions they’re celebrating this time around…


1. ‘Liquid’ Batty the Weimaraner
“Batty is one of the iconic Weimaraner the multidisciplinary artist William Wegman immortalised with his camera, and the results have been exclusively published in this issue of Agapornis magazine. With just a glance at these polaroids, you’ll be able to appreciate the complicity between the two, and how relaxed Batty felt in front of William’s lens.”


2. Mr Hoare & the whales
“Could anyone know more about the cetacean world than Philip Hoare? The author of Leviathan or, the Whale talked to us about how our relationship with this fascinating creature is a reflection of our human nature.”


3. Finding Momo
“Momo is one of the most photogenic creatures on earth. Half a million people are in love with him. The game of finding Momo on Instagram created by Andrew Knapp is able to make everyone smile and transmit very good vibes. And good vibes are just what we feel while enjoying the colourful editorial they have put together for us.”


4. Mambo & co at Inn by the Sea
“We really love people whose labour provide hope and beauty. For that, we always want to give a voice to projects that help and fight for animals’ rights. This time we met the Animal Rescue League of Greater Portland, which works with the luxurious Inn by the Sea of Maine, to promote the adoption of abandoned dogs to their guests. And Mambo is one of the lucky ones who found a second chance in this hotel.”


5. An illustrated cat that terrorises anything in her way
“Can there be a creature that is as charming and moody as a cat? This is the question asked in the graphic story by Aurélie Garnier.”


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