Tips on greening up your space this winter with Blad

by Grace Wang in January 2017
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We’re well into the colder months here in the Northern Hemisphere, which means prime time for magazine reading. But while we opt for staying in, Blad magazine is helping us remember the many benefits of having plants and nature in our lives.

A journal about “indoor plants, green thumbs, and urban plant life”, the Danish publication is tastefully designed, and features interviews with plant people, stunning photography, recipes, DIY guides and much more. We asked editor Louise Jacobsen to provide us with five easy activities from the issue, which will help green up your space this winter.


1. Give your soil a winter treatment
“Has it been a while since you resoiled your favourite plant? There can be many benefits in replacing dry soil. Soil is a fixed point for plants, and a central supplier of essential treats to make them thrive and grow big and lush. Fresh soil is necessary from time to time, especially when spring light starts to stream through the windows as a kick-off to growth and lushness!”


2. Take a closer look at a single leaf
“When was the last time you studied the texture, the pattern and the nuances of the leaves near you? And have you ever touched them, felt the veins, the point or the furry, silky soft cilia on the surface? Stimulate your senses throughout winter by taking a closer look at a single leaf of your house plants!”

“Fun facts:
– Every week we present a ‘leaf of the week’ on our Instagram
– Blad has a double meaning in Danish as it both means ‘leaf’ and ‘magazine’”


3. Make your own scent parcels
“Scents will bring out memories, and in the darker seasons, there is nothing we need more than to dream ourselves back to the fresh nature of summer! In Blad #6 we provide a guide to show you to how to make your own scent parcels.”

4. Schnapps up your mood
“In the North, schnapps is an inevitable part of many meals during the winter season. It can be nicely flavoured, incredibly spicy or sweet as honey. It’s quick to make, and you can create new flavours by mixing and matching as you like. Try out one of the three recipes we bring to you in Blad #6. Taste as you go along — that is part of the fun.”

5. Create your own customised terrarium
“Terrariums don’t need a lot of care, and can survive with minimal watering. We suggest you make your own small clever mini garden – it’s a nice and easy way to create a good indoor atmosphere, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t just get right to it. All you need is a glass container, soil, small rocks and a lot of small plants.”


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