Sampler: Brygg magazine #9

by Grace Wang in April 2017

Brygg Magazine is about conversations; specifically, the kind of caffeine-fuelled conversations that take place over a cup of coffee. But it’s not a food and drink magazine — this hefty, pristine volume focuses less on what’s in the cup than on the things happening around it.

This issue captures the dynamic back-and-forth between duos: two-person teams of designers, photographers and tailors who have fine-tuned their creative partnerships. You’ll also see personal travel essays from Scandinavia and Seoul, showing that sometimes the best conversations can be the ones we have with ourselves.

Take a look at the spreads below, and if you like what you see, head over to Sampler to secure your copy for 10% off and free shipping.


In this issue:

— The surrealist, witty and always brightly coloured Mathery Studio takes inspiration from New York’s Chinatown
— In the Norwegian woods, a writer visits her childhood cabin, rediscovering the calm and serenity of her early days
— A conversation between T-Michael and Alexander Helle, the duo behind bespoke tailors Norwegian Rain
— Tiger Tiger studio is made up of photographers Jen Dionne and Hana Ardelean, who have a synergy like no other
— Travels in Identity: an essay on the personal shift that occurs as one moves between different places


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