Podcast: Agnese Kleina, Benji Knewman

by Steve Watson in September 2016

London has been either baking or soaking this week, so it was nice to take a trip back to Hamburg’s more temperate climate while putting together the latest Stack Live podcast. I spoke to Agnese Kleina, editor of Latvia’s brilliant Benji Knewman magazine, while we were both at the Indiecon independent magazine festival, and you can listen into our conversation below.

We began by speaking about the Benji Dinner, a new concept she’s introducing on Wednesday 21 September, which combines food, music and storytelling in a multi-sensory exploration of Benji Knewman and Latvian culture. It sounds like it’s going to be great fun and at the time of writing this there are still tickets left, so if you’re going to be in the vicinity of Riga next week, reserve your place for what promises to be a ground-breaking night of communal fun.

Agnese also speaks about their plans for the next issue of the magazine, which will pick up on the trend for adult colouring books, and about her “tiny pride” for Latvia. And if you listen through all the way to the end, you’ll hear a special offer for podcast listeners.

I hope you enjoy it, and of course if you want to make sure you hear next week’s episode, follow us on Soundcloud or iTunes, and please leave comments, likes and all the other stuff that will make me feel like there’s somebody out there listening!

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