Podcast: Supermundane

by Steve Watson in December 2016
Art & design

The awards had us at fever pitch in the Stack office last week, but I’m pleased to say things have calmed down now and on Wednesday I had chance to speak with Rob Lowe, the illustrator, artist and art director better known as Supermundane.

I’ve been a big fan of Rob’s work since before I even started Stack, first encountering him through Anorak magazine, then Fire & Knives and the many things he’s done since. (Including creating a Christmas card for us this year – use one of our festive offers by Sunday 11th and you could have a Supermundane card sent to your door, or if you miss that deadline you can have it emailed out as an ecard instead.)

These podcasts have tended to focus on new magazines, but this week Rob spoke about work he did 10 years ago and more, and I really enjoyed that broader perspective on independent publishing. He also has the honour of being the first person who is not currently making a magazine to appear on our podcast, though he is planning a return to print and I was really interested to hear the concept for Posted, a new launch we should see hitting shelves at some point in 2017.

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